Secret 7


7 is the secret number to remember when planning a party

We have come up with a list of party essentials you will need to make your party run smoothly and stress free.

7 Party Decoration Essentials

  1. Balloons & helium – if using
  2. Curling ribbon for tying balloons
  3. Scissors
  4. Hammer & nails for attaching bunting or banners
  5. Balloon weights for balloon arrangements
  6. Sticky-Tac – just in case
  7. Table confetti / gems / sweets for decoration

7 Party Food & Drink Essentials

  1. Plenty of napkins & hand-wipes for sticky fingers
  2. Party food boxes / party plates / cutlery
  3. Serving platters / cupcake stands for displaying buffet
  4. Jugs, cups & straws – have extras for helpers
  5. Cocktail sticks or food skewers for kebabs
  6. Birthday candles & matches
  7. Cake plate & knife

7 Party Games Essentials

  1. Music CDs or Ipod – good for party atmosphere
  2. Props or equipment for party games
  3. Wrapping paper or tissue paper for pass the parcel
  4. Prizes for games, or bumper pack of sweets
  5. Disposable camera / digital camera / video player
  6. Rubbish bags – you’ll need plenty of these
  7. Party hats / party poppers / party blowers


And of course some organic, low-sulphur wine for grown-ups that want to avoid hangovers; we recommend Tamburlaine or Macquariedale both of which will deliver to you at home or work.

Think that’s about it. Don’t forget that you can find all your party essentials from PartyPax.


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